FRIGOQUIP coldstore technology

We are specialized to solve problems in the sector of the construction of cold stores. In this area, we offer all the necessary components:

FRIGOQUIP complete program
- FRIGOCELL cold rooms
- FRIGODOOR coldstore doors
- FRIGO-UNIT cooling units
- FRIGOFLEX strip curtains
- FRIGOFLEX swing doors
- FRIGOVENT air curtains
- FRIGOPANEL insulation panels
- FRIGOALARM emergency call
- FRIGOSTORE cold stores
- THERMOVENT air curtains

Some of the products we manufacture ourselves, others are sourced from the best and leading manufacturers in Europe.

When selecting the products we have laid great emphasis on quality - that is on endurance, durability and utility, but we have paid also attention to reasonable prices and good design.

Therefore, we can provide you with an exceptional and extensive range of components for the cold storage construction.

We have several installation teams and can supply and install cold stores or parts for cold stores worldwide.